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Does your spider treatment work for white tail spiders?
Yes it does – you will need both the interior and exterior treated

Can I clean windows after the treatment?
Yes. We do not spray windows glass itself however care must be taken so that the spray we apply is not removed from the area surrounding windows

Do your fly treatments stop flies flying into my house or business?
No it doesn’t! If you want to stop flies entering your home or business you need to put up some form of barrier e.g. Fly screens, mesh or keep all the doors and windows closed and use the air conditioning if you have it

Do your flea treatments make the fleas go away immediately?
No! Our treatments kill all the fleas present but as the cocoons hatch new fleas, the residual chemical will kill them

Once you have destroyed my wasp nest, will it come back?
No! Once the nest is destroyed and the queen is killed, the nest can't come back to life

I’ve got rodents in my roof - how do you get rid of them?
We place tamperproof bait stations in the areas they are active and replenish them monthly. You will also need to find out how they’re getting in to prevent another infestation.

How long will it take for rodents to die after they have eaten the bait?
Approximately 4-7 days after eating the bait

When can I vacuum after the treatment for fleas?
You can vacuum 10 days after the treatment

I have a toddler will the treatment be safe for him/her?
Yes, as long as the product is dry

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